Translated by J W T Spinks with the cooperation of the Author

Gerhard Herzberg
New York: Prentice Hall, 1937
Inscribed copy to President Walter Murray

Unitel - Continuing Education 1 Feb 1972. U of S Archives A-4779.
Pictured are (l. to r.): H. R. Baker, G. Herzberg, J. W. T. Spinks, B. W. Currie.

Herzberg was the first person connected with the U of S to win a Nobel Prize (Chemistry 1971). John Spinks, who later became president of the University, studied with Herzberg in Darmstadt in 1933. When Herzberg sought refuge from the German Nazis, Spinks successfully lobbied President Murray to offer him a place at the U of S. Herzberg remained in Saskatoon until 1945.