University Council

Record Schedule Number: 1996-59
Office of Primary Responsibility: University Secretary

This series documents the deliberations, decisions and recommendations of the University Council not found in the records of the General Academic Assembly.

University Council is a faculty council composed of the President, the Vice-President (Academic), two faculty from each college and affiliated and federated colleges, two librarians, two faculty representatives of the Extension Division, one student from each college and affilitated and federated colleges, and fifty-four other faculty members. Each of these is an elective position. In the absence of elections, college Deans, the Dean of Extension, and the University Librarian will be appointed to Council. The University Secretary, the Registrar, a Vice-President, a Dean, a Director, the University Librarian, the Principal of any affiliated and federated colleges, the Presidents and Academic Vice-Presidents of the Students' Union and Graduate Students' Association and two members of the Senate, elected for the purpose, may also participate in Council meetings as non-voting members. The University Secretary serves as secretary to the Council at the pleasure of the President. The Chair is elected by Council.

Council is responsible for all aspects of academic policy and procedure at the university including: granting of degrees; scholarships and awards; authorizing the establishment or disestablishment of programs, schools, colleges, courses, curricula, etc.; student disciplinary actions and appeals; student exams and other evaluations; admissions; policy review; and similar funtions. The major academic body of the university, Council in many ways is the executive body of the General Academic Assembly.

Documents in this series may include:

  • agendas
  • reports
  • approved minutes
  • printed material
  • attachments
  • working papers

Council records form an important part of the documentary heritage of the university and are available at the University Archives or the Office of the University Secretary.

There is no legal or administrative requirement for any other campus unit or officer to retain copies beyond the time needed for the execution of current business or for reference purposes. No copy should be included when unit records are transferred to the Archives unless substantively annotated.
Secretary5 yearsTransfer annually to Archives for permanent retention
Chair2 yearsDestroy unless substantively annotated
Others1 year + most recent meetingDestroy unless substantively annotated

  • Governance
Classification: 420 - Committee Records - Governance
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force