The Centre for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice is home to the C-EBLIP Research Network - an international affiliation of institutions committed to librarians as researchers and/or interested in evidence based practice. The Network is conceived of as a supportive intellectual space supplemented by concrete activities for librarians who conduct research.

The "evidence" spoken of in evidence based library and information practice (EBLIP) is evidence used broadly. EBLIP as a way of working involves exploring many sources in order to find the best available evidence. The three pillars of EBLIP are professional knowledge and expertise, local evidence/user preference, and research evidence. All three must be considered and explored. Please visit http://library.usask.ca/ceblip/eblip/what-is-eblip.php for more information about EBLIP.

For the purposes of the C-EBLIP Research Network, the term "research" is used broadly as well. There is no presupposition around the type of research a librarian conducts, nor the type of methodology used.

If your institution would like to join, please fill out and submit this form: C-EBLIP Research Network form or download this pdf for further information: C-EBLIP Research Network info.