About the site

This site is in progress: slides are being digitized and added to it on a regular basis.

Work digitizing the nearly 500,000 slide images in the Milne fonds began with those slides identified by Courtney Milne as his “pick of the litter” or “master archive” images. Additionally, images used in any of his publications, exhibitions, or slide presentations were also among the first to be scanned. Finally, he had begun several projects and had set aside numerous images for those – “Laundry of the World,” “Impressions,” “Thousand Seasons” and “Pool Selects,” among others. These, too, were included in the first phase of digitization. A selection of all other images will be added in the second phase.

Nevertheless, all of the images – whether originally in slide or “born digital” formats – will eventually be represented in searchable descriptions if not visuals on the site. This descriptive information is based on the print catalogues created and maintained by Courtney and his wife, Sherrill Miller, and provide basic information: date, place, and subject. These descriptions are being enhanced with information on use, broad subject headings, notes, and other details to assist in searching and retrieval.

This site enables use of either standard keyword/phrase searches, or faceted searching (or guided navigation). Researchers are strongly encouraged to use both: each type of search complements rather than duplicates the other and each will locate unique results.

To do a standard search, use the search box.

  • a simple keyword search will search title, content description, subjects, notes, and use (books, exhibitions, etc);
  • to search for a phrase or adjacent words, use quotation marks: eg. "Prairie Light"

Faceted searching enables searches based on known results. The specific options available, and number of records for each of these options, will always be displayed based on each search. The initial search screen provides all options within each facet; as each search term is selected, the results will reflect all remaining results within each facet. The terms selected will limit the search; these are displayed above the search results. Click on the "x" to remove any term; or on "home" to go back to the initial full search options.

Images from the Courtney Milne fonds are available for purchase. To request an image, please use the “identification number” from the image description. For a full list of prices, click here. For enquiries about the Milne fonds or to request an image, please contact us at ua.sc@usask.ca or phone 306-966-6029