February 3 - ACHIEVEMENT

the fourteenth day of Freedom

The frost on my windowpane is starting to melt this morning. Through it I can see the the pool, still caught in the grip of winter. It too may soon begin to thaw, but not as quickly as the surrounding snow. Any melting at this point in the season is a major achievement towards the return of spring. Some features of the landscape shed their wintry look more quickly than others, but I expect the surface of the pool may thaw and refreeze several more times before it disappears completely.

Achievement, it seems, does not always happen uniformly. I find I make great strides in one area and might be much slower to gain results in another. The important lesson for me today is to keep the bigger picture in mind and not be too attached to the smaller gains or losses. Perhaps real achievement is when we can keep the final goal in mind regardless of our day-to-day progress.

Can you enjoy the warmth of a winter's day without knowing the number of days left until spring? May your inner landscape be warmed by the sun.

Courtney Milne fonds, image 810-247.1