the fifteenth day of Freedom

Today is another engagement with the hoarfrost surrounding the pool. Although the whole landscape is magical, my attention is focused on the miniature frost patterns on the ice. Suddenly, I am aware of something behind me, even though I only hear the silence of the morning. Anticipating that there may be an animal, I turn slowly and carefully, and discover a lone deer standing motionless, curiously observing me.

I return its gaze and slowly make a few exposures. Does this image belong to the Pool of Possibilities collection? I think it does, for it was the stillness of the pool that allowed me to sense what was behind me. If I can be attuned in my daily life to anticipate what is hidden from my eyes, then I have gained much.

Is there a magical place in your surroundings that you might have overlooked? Is your Pool of Possibilities still enough for you to anticipate what is not seen?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 23-0836.1