the nineteenth day of Freedom

There is just enough warmth in the air to instigate a change in the surface texture of the pool. The real productivity, however, is taking place wherever leaves have been buried in the ice. Each individual leaf both absorbs and reflects the rays of the sun. As the energy bounces off the leaves, significant melting occurs, mirroring their shapes in the surrounding ice.

These leaves are a visual metaphor for how we live our lives. The radiance we receive and experience is also reflected in our surroundings. If we experience an abundance of love and joy, our reflectivity will be much more productive than if we feel cold or snowed under. The pool then, has taught me the importance of being genuinely happy and in love with myself. Only then can my true nature shine, melting away any coldness around me.

Are you feeling radiant today? Can you expand your sphere of influence by first allowing the sun to warm your inner landscape?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 25-0896.1