the twenty-first day of Freedom

Inventiveness is applied imagination. The pool today has invented a new texture, one I have never seen before. It is shiny, luminescent, metallic, and cool -- an invitation to dance. Yes, dance. I might dance a jig, but not likely. More likely is a Viennese waltz around and between the leaves, which are at least twice my size. On and on I sail to the full-bodied sound of Strauss. The music rises to full unrestrained volume as I swirl with my partner, the Goddess of Creation.

I hope this image puts you in the mood for dancing too. Inventiveness is how you dance with the Universe, and depends on being in touch with your muse. What do you feel prompted to invent today? It could be as simple as choosing a detour on your way home from work, or a ditty you composed on the spur of the moment. Care to share?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 26-0085.1