February 11 - INTENTION

the twenty-second day of Freedom

The first thing I noticed at the pool today was the torso of a person who reminded me of my high school girlfriend's father. We had only been dating a short while when I met him for the first time. I was justifiably nervous as I rang the doorbell. Her father answered and almost immediately asked me: "What is your intention with my daughter?" I was taken aback, and certainly didn't have a coherent answer for him. But I have never forgotten his question.

Perhaps if I were clearer about my intention at the beginning of each day, I might find that it would flow a little more smoothly. Intention is the engine that propels our actions and guides our relationships. Without it, we are subject to whatever the world dishes up for us. With it, we have more control of the outcome.

Perhaps, like my girlfriend's father, it is my turn to ask: "What is your intention?" With that, have a great day!

Courtney Milne fonds, image 26-0078.1