February 25 - CONSECRATION

the sixth day of Inspiration

When I traveled presenting The Sacred Earth Concert - a multimedia show combined with music and live commentary - I would often begin by dedicating the show to a specific person, either in the audience or in my memory. It was a way of honoring or acknowledging how powerful one person's story can be. After all, doesn't each of us represent the whole of humanity?

On several occasions, I dedicated the show to a twenty year-old woman who was one of the Sherpas hired on our trek in Nepal. Her job was to carry over sixty pounds of gear along the scenic, yet dangerous mountain paths. When climbing through high mountain passes, she removed her sandals to get a better grip in the ice and snow with her bare feet. She was paid the normal wage at that time of one dollar a day.

Consecration is a way of honoring the indomitable spirit within all of us, and within all of Nature. I dedicate today's photograph of the pool to the Oneness that we all share.

Can you see yourself in this Sherpa who touched my spirit? In the mountains of Nepal? In me? In this image of the pool?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 708-419.1