April 1 - ACTION

the twelfth day of Renewal

Today, the main block of ice on the pool broke free from the edge and was cast adrift, even though it had little room to move. The side of the slab is an exciting place full of vitality. In order to fully explore it, I got down on my belly and peered at the scene with a close-up lens. When I inverted the picture, the shards of candle ice appeared as a giant cresting wave about to roll unimpeded over me and all in its path. Even the leaves seemed to be taking action to escape this tsunami.

I, too, am taking action. The pool has taught me the importance of responding quickly, then doing my thinking later. I can always make another exposure, but I can't go back in time and have another shot at what has already happened, especially when capturing the peak moment of nature's rhythms.

Are there successful actions you have taken by letting your body wisdom respond and keeping your mind out of the way? Is there a cresting wave calling for attention today?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 16-0414.1