April 2 - DYNAMISM

the thirteenth day of Renewal

The pool today looked like an enormous cascade of ocean crashing onto the trees below. The leaves at the top are about to embark on the greatest surf ride of their lives.

How would you feel the instant before such an escapade? Or during the ride? What if you knew that the adventure would be grand and the landing was a safe one? Would you embark? What if a safe outcome was not guaranteed?

For the most part, I have embraced life with enthusiasm and dynamism. I recognize the importance of riding the wave of opportunity when I can. I also weigh the risks and ask myself if I am prepared to accept the consequences if required.

The important thing to recognize is to give it my full effort once I have made the decision - not an ounce of holding back. If I can embrace life with enthusiasm, it returns to me in more and more waves of joy and exhilaration.

Courtney Milne fonds, image 16-0350.1