the fourteenth day of Renewal

The pool ice is evaporating and revealing more of its hidden treasures with each passing hour. Today I find an amber birch leaf and a golden aspen leaf newly emerged from their winter homes. They have been buried for at least four months and have now surfaced, demonstrating a remarkable resilience. The birch appears to be in near-perfect condition, its shape as pristine as the day it wafted onto the pool. The poplar leaf is a little worse for wear, but still radiating with a luster that would bring a glow to the heart of anyone slowed enough to stop and appreciate.

I am reminded that I don't need to achieve perfection to share beauty. Just weathering another winter can be sufficient.

Can you remember where your resilience has not only gotten you through a tough patch but also resulted in a payoff? Did you emerge more like the birch leaf or the aspen?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 27-0057.1