April 7 - ENDEAVOR

the eighteenth day of Renewal

Today I came to the pool with three resolutions. The first was to give totally of myself to the encounter. The second was to be open to the possibilities and opportunities that arise. Thirdly, I attempted to see with new eyes, to look beyond the commonplace and to experience the inherent wonder. It worked! The magic happened!

This set of conditions does not guarantee that I will come away with awesome photographs, but it does greatly improve the odds of having a deeper, richer, more meaningful experience. Could I really ask for anything more? Like any endeavor, I know that what I receive is directly related to what I am willing to give.

Would you like to experience your world in a more vital way? Try looking at each outing as a venture in which you put the three resolutions to the test. Then be prepared to touch the magic!

Courtney Milne fonds, image 16-0501