April 10 - THE WARRIOR

the twenty-first day of Renewal

Today at the pool, when I explored along the edge of the main ice flow, I found the embodiment of The Warrior - he is on horseback, armed with an enormous orange lance pointed at the solar plexus, or will-power center, of his foe. Traditionally, The Warrior is seen as the symbol of aggressive action in conflict situations, doing whatever it takes to win, including killing and maiming.

However in our time and culture there is another path for the warrior archetype to be employed. I experienced this in the Peak Potentials program, The Enlightened Warrior Camp, designed by T. Harv Eker. It is about having a vision, and fulfilling it, no matter what the obstacles. It is about commitment and assertiveness. I came away from this training knowing in my heart that I was capable of accomplishing anything to which I applied myself - heart, mind and soul.

I now expect all my Seeing With New Eyes students to commit to their enlightened warrior abilities, to be fully present to seeing new possibilities and creating new opportunities in their lives. As a warrior, I know that where I direct my attention and the way I act determines the outcome. I understand that I create my own reality. The pool is my training ground.

What aspects of The Warrior do you identify with? What of these attributes would you like to acquire?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 16-0434.1