the twenty-third day of Renewal

Today, I see more water than ice in my viewfinder as I enjoy the melting conditions from poolside. The transition of the seasons from Winter to Spring floods my soul with cheer and delight. The air is invigorating, the imagery exciting, and the symphony of hues intoxicating. As the central ice pack continues to recede, it reveals more of the treasure it has been harboring.

The month of Renewal is in full swing and there's no turning back! The pink blush on the ice and the leaves is a reminder and a promise of spring blossoms to come.

Enlivenment is contagious. A few minutes at the pool awakens the senses and puts a skip in my step. The animation I feel bubbles over. Just like the reflection of the birch tree, I too experience my limbs reaching out a little wider.

Does the pool today enliven your happenings? If so, take pleasure in the ripple effect that you in turn create.

Courtney Milne fonds, image 708-340.1