April 28 - MARRIAGE

the eighth day of Love

The union of ice and leaves seemed intensified when I visited the pool today. I was particularly drawn to the interaction of the two. Like a wedding bouquet, the leaves were a blush of pastels, promising softness and balance to the straight edges and angular shapes etched in the ice.

So intimate was the blending of line and color that it felt difficult to imagine that Nature had painted each at different times. But indeed, the carpet of leaves had been laid long before the ice provided its laminate.

A successful relationship is perhaps described in just this sort of way. Individual colors and lines are each distinct in themselves, each independent and unique; but when married, they form a partnership far more exquisite than either could be alone.

Are you involved in a marriage? To a spouse? To your work? To a set of beliefs? To a hobby or lifestyle? Can you still define yourself separately from the relationship? Perhaps like in today's photograph, the best way to approach marriage is as though it were a piece of artwork being created.

Courtney Milne fonds, image 27-0464.1