April 29 - RHYTHM

the ninth day of Love

This morning I became intrigued by bubbles that had attached themselves to a flotilla of leaves on the pool. I chose them as my focus of attention and followed them as they drifted lazily across the width of the pool.

As I recorded their journey, I became fascinated by the way in which the bubbles configured themselves, as well as to the evolving patterns produced by the leaves. It wasn't until I had watched for fifteen minutes or more that I noticed a distinct rhythm. It was as though the leaves were all keeping the same tempo as they swirled together in a magical, almost imperceptible dance.

The only way I picked up on their interaction was by being in rhythm with their movement, then recognizing how it repeated over time. The more subtle it is, the more joyous is the discovery.

What rhythms have you noticed in the world around you?

Courtney Milne fonds, image 27-0944.1