the twenty-third day of Enchantment

The light and color reflected in the pool today was so buoyant I found the whole experience quite captivating. So many of the potted plants at poolside are in full bloom now that there is simply a collage of pigments in every direction. I became so absorbed in the ongoing spectacle that I decided to pull up a lawn chair and treat myself to a front row seat.

When the show is this exquisite it is easy to be entertained. I found myself pondering, "What is the prime ingredient -- not just here, but also in the rest of my life - that I find so absorbing?"

I think the answer is "anything that embraces me at a deeper level." This image literally takes me through layers of colors and patterns in all directions. Such experiences make us ask probing questions or involve us in ways that are deeply satisfying or meaningful. Shakespeare was a master at providing the masses with the entertainment of the day. He told stories that people could embrace -- stories that reflected deep truths shared and understood by all, their universal appeal still relevant today.

What does today's picture reflect for you? Do you, like me, experience it as entertainment, or does it miss the mark? Shakespeare's audience would express disapproval by throwing rotten tomatoes. I hope you don't!

Courtney Milne fonds, image 19-0780.1