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First Snow on Landscape
Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Driftwood and golden reflections
Dawn light on the dunes
Fanny Bay
Snow on deadfall
Cattails backlit by morning sun
Mineral stain, Bannock Petroform Site
Wind on pond
Moss-clad forest
Snow puffs on bushes
Wanuskewin: Sanctuary of the Peace-seeker
Spirit Waters
Whales with canoe
Bison skulls
Sunlight on Bridal Veil Falls
Rock face, Ninstints
View from summit, sunset light
Spring colours
Autumn foliage backlit by morning sun
Forest Canopy
Petroform, Bannock Point Petroform Site
Hoodoos, Red Deer River Valley
Manito Ahbee
Ice flow on pond
Lichen on rock
Smoke and totem poles
Rainbow kelp in tidal pool
Detail of beached iceberg
Detail of beached iceberg