Prairie Light (1985)
Prairie Dreams (1989)
The Sacred Earth (1991)
The Pilgrim's Guide to the Sacred Earth (1991))
Prairie Skies (1993)
Spirit of the Land: Sacred Places in Native North America  (1994)
Sacred Places in North American: A Journey into the Medicine Wheel (1995)
Visions of the Goddess (1998)
WO Mitchell Country (1999)
Emily Carr Country
Old Man on his Back (2002)
Saskatchewan: The Luminous Landscape
The Pool Project (2007)

Selected Exhibits:

Milne had his work displayed in 75 solo and 6 group exhibitions since 1977. These included:
Prairie Light – Mendel Art Gallery, 1980
Contemporary Canadian Photographs: Invitations – National Association for Photographic Art, 1986
To Care for the Earth – United Nations Environment Program (touring); Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992
Canadian Embassy, Washington DC, 1993
The Sacred Earth - Royal Ontario Museum, 1993
Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, 1994
Nature Photography: A Current Perspective – Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, 1993-1995
The Pool Project – Mendel Art Gallery, 2011


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