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Electronic Journals in Law - Policies

Journals 1 to 100 of 159

  1. Administrative law journal
  2. Administrative law review
  3. Alaska law review
  4. Alternative law journal
  5. American Indian law review
  6. The American journal of tax policy
  7. The American University journal of international law and policy
  8. Annual survey of American law
  9. Arab law quarterly
  10. Asia-Pacific journal on human rights and the law
  11. Australia & new zealand health policy
  12. Beverage Industry
  13. The British Journal of Criminology
  14. Building research and information
  15. The BYU journal of public law
  16. California bar journal
  17. Canadian Insurance Law Reporter
  18. Cardozo law review
  19. CFO Alert
  20. Chicago Journal of International Law
  21. Chicago-Kent law review
  22. Chicano-Latino law review
  23. Chinese law and government
  24. CommLaw conspectus
  25. Comparative labor law & policy journal
  26. Computer and Internet Lawyer
  27. Computerworld
  28. Constitutional Political Economy
  29. Consumer alert comments
  30. Consumer Policy Review
  31. Consumers' Research Magazine
  32. Contemporary Policy Issues (1986-1998)
  33. Corrections Today
  34. Crime, Law and Social Change
  35. Criminal justice policy review
  36. Criminal Law Forum
  37. Denver journal of international law and policy
  38. Du Bois Review
  39. Duke journal of gender law & policy
  40. East european insurance report
  41. Economics of planning
  42. The EDI law review
  43. Education and the law
  44. Election law journal
  45. Employee Benefit Adviser
  46. Energy Law Journal
  47. Enviromation
  48. European journal of crime, criminal law, and criminal justice
  49. European journal of criminology
  50. European journal of health law
  51. European journal of international law
  52. European journal of migration and law
  53. European journal of social security
  54. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research
  55. Evaluation
  56. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
  57. Federal Sentencing Reporter
  58. Food and drug law journal
  59. Fordham international law journal
  60. Forest Products Journal
  61. Forest Science
  62. Harvard law review
  63. Health Administrator
  64. Healthcare Risk Management
  65. Health expectations
  66. Health Law Review
  67. Health policy and education
  68. Health Services Management Research
  69. HEC Forum
  70. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
  71. Information polity
  72. International Criminal Law Review
  73. International journal of law, policy and the family
  74. International journal of the sociology of law
  75. International journal on minority and group rights
  76. International law forum
  77. International social security review
  78. IRA, 401 (k), TSA & pension distribution advisor
  79. Journal of African law
  80. Journal of contemporary criminal justice
  81. The Journal of contemporary health law and policy
  82. Journal of Economic Inequality
  83. Journal of emotional abuse
  84. The Journal of energy law & policy
  85. Journal of health care law & policy
  86. Journal of individual employment rights
  87. Journal of International Criminal Justice
  88. Journal of International Peacekeeping
  89. Journal of Internet Law
  90. Journal of labor economics
  91. Journal of law and policy
  92. Journal of law and social policy
  93. The Journal of law & politics
  94. The journal of legal history
  95. Journal of Pension Benefits
  96. Journal of property valuation & investment
  97. Journal of Public Health Policy
  98. Journal of Technology Transfer
  99. Journal of the American Association of University Teachers of Insurance
  100. Journal of the National Association of Referees in Bankruptcy