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Electronic Journals in Mathematical Sciences - Numerical Analysis

Journals 1 to 53 of 52

  1. Accounting Horizons
  2. Analysis in Theory and Applications
  3. The Annals of mathematical statistics
  4. Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society journal
  5. Applied numerical mathematics
  6. BIT Numerical Mathematics
  7. Calcolo
  8. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation
  9. Communications in numerical methods in engineering
  10. Computational Geosciences
  11. Computational Mathematics and Modeling
  12. Computer aided geometric design
  13. Constructive Approximation
  14. Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society
  15. East-West journal of numerical mathematics
  16. Electronic transactions on numerical analysis
  17. Engineering Computations
  18. European Journal of Control
  19. Foundations of Computational Mathematics
  20. Geographical analysis
  21. Geometric and Functional Analysis
  22. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  23. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics
  24. IMA journal of numerical analysis
  25. Integral Equations and Operator Theory
  26. International journal for numerical methods in fluids
  27. Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux
  28. Journal of approximation theory
  29. Journal of computational physics
  30. Journal of Data Science
  31. Journal of differential geometry
  32. Journal of engineering mechanics
  33. The Journal of integral equations and applications
  34. Journal of numerical mathematics
  35. The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
  36. Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Series B, Numerical analysis
  37. Lifetime Data Analysis
  38. Linear algebra and its applications
  39. Lithuanian Mathematical Journal
  40. Mathematical methods in the applied sciences
  41. Mathematics and computers in simulation
  42. Numerical Algorithms
  43. Numerical Analysis and Applications
  44. Numerical heat transfer. Part A. Applications
  45. Numerical heat transfer. Part B, Fundamentals
  46. Numerical Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities English Series
  47. Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  48. Numerische Mathematik
  49. Pattern recognition letters
  50. Probability Theory and Related Fields
  51. Sbornik. Mathematics
  52. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis