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Electronic Journals Beginning with A
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There are 6,062 ejournals that start with A.

  1. Africa News Service
  2. African Eye News Service
  3. African Fisherman Magazine
  4. African geographical review
  5. African health sciences
  6. African historical review
  7. African historical studies
  8. African Human Rights Law Journal
  9. African human rights law journal
  10. African human rights law reports
  11. African Hunter Magazine
  12. African identities
  13. African invertebrates
  14. African issues
  15. African journal for physical health education, recreation, and dance
  16. African journalism studies
  17. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  18. African journal of AIDS research
  19. African journal of aquatic science
  20. African Journal of Biomedical Research
  21. African journal of business and economic research
  22. African Journal of Business Ethics
  23. African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies : AJCJS
  24. African Journal of Diabetes Medicine
  25. African Journal of Disability
  26. African journal of ecology
  27. African Journal of Economic and Management Studies
  28. African Journal of Emergency Medicine
  29. African journal of farm child and youth development
  30. African journal of food, agriculture, nutrition and development
  31. The African journal of food and nutritional security
  32. African journal of governance and development
  33. African journal of health professions education
  34. African journal of health sciences
  35. African Journal of Herpetology
  36. African Journal of Infectious Diseases
  37. African journal of information and communication
  38. The African journal of information systems
  39. African Journal of International Affairs & Development
  40. African journal of international and comparative law
  41. African journal of international criminal justice
  42. African Journal of Laboratory Medicine
  43. African Journal of Legal Studies
  44. African journal of library, archives and information science
  45. African journal of marine science
  46. The African journal of neurological sciences
  47. African Journal of Paediatric Surgery : AJPS
  48. African journal of political economy
  49. African journal of political science
  50. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine
  51. African journal of public affairs
  52. African journal of range & forage science
  53. African Journal of Reproductive Health
  54. African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  55. The African journal of respiratory medicine
  56. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines
  57. African Journal of Urology
  58. African journal of wildlife research
  59. African journal on conflict resolution
  60. African languages and cultures
  61. African languages and cultures. Supplement
  62. African law studies
  63. African Manager
  64. African Manager
  65. African markets overview
  66. African Mining Monitor
  67. African music
  68. The African Music Society newsletter
  69. African Natural History
  70. African nebula
  71. African newsletter on occupational health and safety
  72. African Performance Review
  73. African philosophy
  74. African physical reviews
  75. African plant protection
  76. African primates
  77. African research and documentation
  78. The African review
  79. African review of money finance and banking
  80. African Review of Physics
  81. African security
  82. African security review
  83. African Social Science Review
  84. African sociological review
  85. African studies
  86. African studies abstracts
  87. African studies abstracts online
  88. African studies bulletin
  89. African studies newsletter
  90. African Studies Quarterly
  91. African Studies Review
  92. African study monographs
  93. Africanus
  94. African violet magazine
  95. African vision and eye health
  96. African yearbook of rhetoric
  97. African zoology
  98. Africa Peace & Conflict Journal
  99. Africa Policy Journal
  100. Africa Report