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DescriptionA platform hosting over 36,000 electronic books and documents (as of 01/2009) covering a broad range of subjects published by leading publishers, including large collections from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Taylor and Francis, and the World Bank Group, as well as selected titles from other publishers.
  • Cambridge University Press (2005-2008+) [details]
  • Oxford University Press (2005-2008+) [details]
  • Springer (2005-2008+) [details]
  • Taylor & Francis (2005-2008+) [details]
  • World Bank e-Library [details]
  • Individual titles from various other publishers
Access Note: There are known issues with displaying multiple pages in Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer is recommended. Safari users should upgrade to Adobe Reader 8.
CoverageCurrent holdings
VendorCoutts and other ebook vendors

There are no restrictions to simultaneous use for MyiLibrary. However, simultaneous access to individual electronic book content may vary.

Access to MyiLibrary is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Saskatchewan, and to "walk-in" users of the University of Saskatchewan Library for their occasional use, for educational, research, and non-commercial personal use. It is accessible in the library, on campus, and remotely.

Systematic copying or downloading of electronic resource content is not permitted by Canadian and International Copyright law.