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Resources on this page are databases with references to the literature of toxicology; resources with toxicological information (e.g. pesticide profiles) are found under the Websites tab

Best Bets

TOXLINE TOxicology Literature OnlINE Bookmark and Share
"...comprehensive coverage of the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals from 1965 to the present."
SciFinder (Web Edition) Chemical Abstracts & CAS REGISTRY: 1907 - present; CASREACT: 1840 - present Bookmark and Share
Access Note: Requires Web Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or the latest versions of Firefox or Safari.
Access Note: Before you can use SciFinder, you must self-register for a SciFinder login. You are required to login to each new session. The registration link will appear below, if you are logged into this website. For more information, refer to the SciFinder User Registration PDF
Access Note: When connecting to SciFinder Web from off campus, users may receive security certificate warnings. This is a known issue with SciFinder Web. Users should click on"Add a security certificate exception" in Firefox, "Continue to this website (not recommended)" in Internet Explorer, or on "OK/Accept" in other browsers.

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SciFinder Scholar (Client/Server Edition) SciFinder Scholar & Substructure Module Chemical Abstracts & CAS REGISTRY: 1907 - present; CASREACT: 1840 - present

Client-server application/software provinding access to the CAS databases: CAplus (Chemical Abstracts™ and patents), CAS Registry, CHEMCATS, and to the Substructure Module, a chemical structure drawing tool. Scholar requires client software loaded on the individual workstations (PC or Mac) of authorized users or it can be accessed from designated University of Saskatchewan Library public workstations. An online version is now available: see the SciFinder (Web Edition) details page for important access information.

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PubMed Includes open access version of MEDLINE® 1966 - present Bookmark and Share
Index and abstract database covering the fields of "medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences. It includes access to MEDLINE® and to citations for selected articles in life science journals not included in MEDLINE. ..[It] also provides access to additional relevant Web sites and links to the other NCBI molecular biology resources." [details]
CABI: CAB Abstracts® & CAB Abstracts® Archive 1910 - present Bookmark and Share
Index and abstract database to agriculture, forestry, and biosciences literature, including: journals, books, conference proceedings, reports, and patents. [details]

Other Suggestions

Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A) 1982 - present Bookmark and Share
Bibliographic index and abstract database covering industrial and applied microbiology, including: significant findings and practical applications in agricultural, food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. [details]
Web of Science® with Conference Proceedings WOS SCI: 1899 - present; SSCI: 1956-present; A&HCI: 1975-present ; CPSI-S: 1990-present; CPSI-SSH: 1990-present Bookmark and Share
Collection of three citation databases, providing abstracts and indexing and cited reference searching to approximately 10,000 high impact scholarly research journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 110,000 conference proceedings, and covering topics in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Access Note: By default all five sub-databases are searched. To select one or more databases, change the default by clicking on [Change Limits and Settings] . [details]
Scopus A&I: 1823 - present; complete metadata including references: 1996 - present Bookmark and Share
A very large abstract and index database of research literature and quality web sources covering the science, technolgy, and medicine (STM), and social sciences. [details]
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EMBASE: Excerpta Medica & EMBASE Classic 1947 - present Bookmark and Share
A "major biomedical and pharmaceutical database indexing over 3,500 international journals in the following fields: drug research, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology, clinical and experimental human medicine, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health, drug dependence and abuse, psychiatry, forensic medicine, and biomedical engineering/instrumentation." [details]
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Current Bookmark and Share
An evidence-based resource providing a comprehensive listing of natural medicine brand name product ingredients and encyclopedic entries with extensive references. [details]
CBCA Complete Canadian Business & Current Affairs Index: 1971 - present; full text: 1985 - present. Bookmark and Share
Abstract and indexing database covering more than 1,665 scholarly journal articles, trade publications, dissertations, books, newspapers, news services and magazines, including 600 full text titles, covering current events, business, science, the arts, and academic information produced in Canada. Combines full text and indexed content from all four CBCA database subsets (Business, Current Events, Education, and Reference). [details]
Engineering Village EI Engineering Village Compendex® and Inspec®: 1884 - present. Bookmark and Share
Collection of databases covering scientific, applied science, technical and engineering disciplines, earth sciences, ecology, oceanography and more. Includes articles, conference proceedings and full text of engineering handbooks. [details]
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) 1970 - present Bookmark and Share
Abstract and indexing database covering pharmaceutical science and health related literature. [details]
Algology, Mycology & Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C) 1982 - present Bookmark and Share
Bibliographic index and abstract database covering algology, mycology & protozoology, including: reproduction, growth, life cycles, biochemistry, genetics, and infection and immunity in man, other animals, and plants. [details]
Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B) 1982 - present Bookmark and Share
Bibliographic index and abstract database covering bacteriology, including topics ranging from bacterial immunology and vaccinations to diseases of man and animals. [details]