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Remote Access to the Learning Commons
Learning Commons Remote Access
  • When the Library is closed, the LC computers are added to a pool of computers which are accessible remotely.
  • The site to access the LC computer pool is  http://uremote.usask.ca
  • The LC machines have a scheduled rebooting sequence that takes place every night at 3AM. 
  • Users logged in need to be sure to save everything prior to this point.  A series of 3 warnings messages saying “You are about to be logged off” will begin to appear 15 minutes before 3AM (then another at the 5 minute mark, and the third at the 2 minute mark).

URemoteImgA   URemoteImgB   URemoteImgC

  • The whole reboot sequence may take up to 15 minutes (depending on the amount of updates needed to run).  Users may log back into the LC machines once this has completed.
  • If a session has been left idling for more than 60 minutes, the session is logged off automatically.  There is a window that appears upon initial login for the user to OK.
  • The user has 30 minutes to reconnect to the same session.
  • There will be no network printers available while in the LC remote session.
  • One hour before the Library opens, the LC machines go through another scheduled rebooting sequence.
  • In the event that there are still users actively connected, another set of 3 warning messages will appear beginning at the 15 minute mark (then another one at 5 minutes, then 2 minutes).
  • This will provide users sufficient time to save any unsaved changes.
  • Once the Library opens there will be no LC machines available in the remote access pool, making the machines only locally accessible.
Steps for Accessing the Learning Commons computers remotely after Library hours
  • The remote access website to is http://uremote.usask.ca
  • The next available LC computer for remote access will be generated in the “Connect me to” link as shown below.


  • A file download window will come into view.  Selecting the Open button will enable the Remote Access client.


  • After selecting Open, a Remote Desktop Connection pop-up will appear.  Selecting Continue will activate a connection sequence.


You are now at the LC login screen.

  • Here you enter your NSID/password combination to log into a Learning Commons workstation.


  • Users who leave their connection idling for more than 60 minutes will automatically be logged off.
    This message will appear noting this upon initial login.


  • Once you have completed your session, users can log off from their remote session by selecting the blue Windows Orb button at the bottom left hand corner and selecting to Log Off.