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Finding U of S Theses and Dissertations

All masters' and doctoral theses accepted by the U of S since 1912 are accessible through the Library catalogue. We currently have over 13,000 U of S theses, of which 2,760 are in electronic format.  Some are available in both print and electronic format.  Since 2007 all theses are submitted electronically and are available in the catalogue as soon as they are approved by the thesis committee. The U of S Theses Collection is accessible through Special Collections or as electronic documents.

Print and Electronic:

If you know the topic you want to search, but aren’t sure of any titles or authors, you can do a WORD search:

  • Click on "Catalogue".
  • Under "Quick Search - Word": Type in a word or two that you are interested in researching.
  • Combine each concept with AND (e.g., women and international development).
  • Narrow your search by selecting Theses Collection in the "search in" drop down box.
  • Click Search.

Need more help with the Catalogue?  Go to the Find Books page for more details. 

The item record provides you with many details of the thesis/dissertation including:

  • Author, place of publication, copyright information (all very useful for your bibliography).
  • Location (LOC) indicates which library the thesis is located in. If the thesis is available as an e-thesis you will see the phrase "Electronic Thesis". Select "view the document" to read the full-text of the thesis online.
  • Call Number indicates the physical location assigned to a print copy of a  thesis.  To examine a thesis that is only available in print form, please visit Special Collections on the third floor of the Murray Library and the staff will retrieve the thesis for you to examine. Theses must be examined only in the Special Collections reading room.  Please be prepared to wait while the staff retrieves the thesis, or alternatively, request the thesis in advance by calling Special Collections at 966-6029 or emailing Special Collections at: spec.coll@usask.ca

Electronic Only:

U of S e-theses are searchable in the library catalogue. To limit your search to e-theses in the catalogue:

  • In the "Advanced Search" option of the catalogue, choose "e-Theses" in the "Material Format" drop-down menu.

U of S e-theses are also available through these databases.

Dissertations & Theses @ University of Saskatchewan (ProQuest)
1951 – present ; Full text at least from 1997
Dissertation (PhD) research at the University of Saskatchewan.

University of Saskatchewan Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs)
Comprehensive since 2007; selective prior to 2007
A selection of University of Saskatchewan theses and dissertations, in a variety of disciplines, from 1946 onward. The full text of each ETD is available in PDF format.

Finding Non-U of S Theses and Dissertations


The library has a limited number of non-U of S theses available in our print collection.  In the catalogue, search under Word using keywords and “theses”.


The U of S Catalogue contains approximately 800 e-theses from other universities.  Many more theses are available through the databases listed below.

Dissertations & Theses: Full Text (ProQuest)

1861 – present ; Full text from 1997 and earlier
University of Saskatchewan PhD dissertations  - 1952 to present. 
Index and full text database of doctoral dissertations and some masters theses from selected universities in North America & Europe. Full-text available at least from 1997 to present from participating universities only.

Theses Canada Portal  
1965 – present ; FT: 1998-2002 
A comprehensive, open access database of Canadian theses compiled by the National Library of Canada (NLC) and other partner University libraries in the Theses Canada Program.

iPortal Theses & Dissertations
Aboriginal Studies theses - can be limited to theses from the University of Saskatchewan.

Theses on the Geology of Saskatchewan
This bibliography lists references to theses dealing with the geology of Saskatchewan submitted for higher degrees dating from 1915 on. It is compiled to complement the "Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Geology (1823 - 1970 incl.)" and the "Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Geology (1970 - 1976 incl.)", both by W. O. Kupsch.  Last updated in January 2004.

NDLTD Union Catalogue
Includes 836,000 open access electronic theses and dissertations from 90 universities worldwide.

EThOS - Electronic Theses Online Service
Database of UK dissertations and theses provided by the British Library.

DART-Europe E-theses Portal
A partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about searching for theses and dissertations, or want help with your keywords or subject headings, ask for help!

Theses and dissertations are minimally published and may only be available from the university which granted the degree.  Some theses and dissertations can be made available through Interlibrary Loan, while others may have to be purchased.  You may contact the Interlibrary Loan unit by phone at 306-966-6002 or by e-mail at illquery@library.usask.ca.