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Exhibition Schedule
Below please find the current University Library Exhibition Schedule.
The below exhibitions can be found on the first floor of the Murray Library in the 'Link' exhibition space.
We hope you will visit often and enjoy each and every exhibit.
Printmaking in Action

May - August 2014

Lead Curators: Dee Gibson and Cheryl Avery

Examines the technique and tools of printmaking, featuring historical and contemporary examples of the print as both informaton artefact and artwork, including etching, woodblock, and lithography examples.

Courtney Milne Collection

September - December 2014

Lead Curator: Cheryl Avery

This exhibition will highlight the multifaceted life and work of Courtney Milne, fine art photographer, author and educator of regional, national and international significance. The University Library's Milne Collection includes over 550,000 original images in slide and digital format, 2,000 prints, textual records, Milne's reference library and websites created using his work, most of his photographic equipment, and audio cassettes gathered from his trip around the world. A companion exhibition catalogue is being planned.

Exploring Saskatchewan's Musical Past Through Historical Music Collections

January - March 2015

Lead Curator: Carolyn Doi

The exhibition will explore the musical history of Saskatchewan, including objects that are by Saskatchewan artists and composers, describe the province's people and heritage, and are of provincial historical value. The featured collection will be the Saskatchewan Music Collection, possibly supplmented by items from University Archives & Special Collections. Materials will include various formats including ephemera, scores, sheet music, sound recordings, and books.

University Authors 2014

April 2015

Lead Curator: TBA

Featuring recently published books by University of Saskatchewan faculty and staff as well as a retrospective look at some notable works in the University Authors Collection.

Educational Publishing in Saskatchewan: 1927-1967

May - July 2015

Lead Curator: MaryLynn Gagné

This exhibition will consist primarily of selected elementary and high school textbooks published in Saskatchewan and used in Saskatchewan's classrooms. In addition to showcasing uniquely Saskatchewan content, the exhibition will demonstrate how schoolbooks reflect prevailing teaching methods, educational philosophies and values through the decades. Most of the print resources are available in the Historical Textbook Collection. Selected archival resources should add interest to the exhibition, e.g. archival photographs and other material related to Saskatchewan educators who authored textbooks. Work on digitizing selected resources from the Historical Textbook Collection is in preliminary stages, so digitized content should also be part of this exhibition.

The Ubiquitous Equine - Horses in Culture

August - October 2015

Lead Curator: Jill Crawley-Low

This exhibition is about the enduring relationship humans have with horses. The first horses were domesticated more than 3,000 years ago. Their beauty lends them to the mythologies of many cultures. They are a boon to advertising selling a wide range of products, and appear in films, plays, and historical re-enactments. They work, go to war, and offer therapy for damaged souls. They develop close relationships with humans who interact with them calmly and purposefully, and they enrich our lives. There is a wide variety of material in several library collections to draw on for this exhibition, including fiction and non-fiction, postcards and ephemera, photographs and other documentation about the University of Saskatchewan's horses, material about horses in art, and items from the Rosen Veterinary Medicine History Collection.

A University and Province at War: Centenary of World War One

November 2015 - January 2016

Lead Curator: Patrick Hayes

The University of Saskatchewan had only been offering classes for five years when war was declared in 1914. Inescapably, the Great War was a major turning point in the University's early history, and the walls of the Peter MacKinnon Building commemorate members of the U of S community who served. Over half of the male students, as well as over half of the male graduates, enlisted. The U of S, along with many other institutions, is marking the centenary of the whole war. There are many stories to tell. This exhibition will draw on collections documenting U of S participation, the war at home and abroad, the impact on the broader community, and more; with material including photographs, postcards, correspondence, memorabilia, books, and printed ephemera.