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Law Library

Lexis Nexis Quicklaw

Access to LexisAdvance Quicklaw is available campus-wide to U of S students and faculty. For other users, CanLII provides free access to Canadian law and legal decisions.

New users can register online in Quicklaw and create an ID/password. Please note that you must register from a computer located in the College of Law. Go to LexisAdvance Quicklaw Registration page to register. Please do not register more than once. Users having more than one ID will have their IDs deactivated.

Forgot your ID or password? Click this link or contact Customer Support at 1-800-387-0899 or Click

If you require assistance, please go to the Law Library reference desk. Quicklaw reference guides are also available at the reference desk.

A legal research LibGuide on LexisNexis Quicklaw, maintained by U of S librarians, is available at

Please note that you must register on the U of S campus.