What is happening

Changes are happening at the UofS libraries, find out what is new.


About the project

This is a long-term, multi-stage project to reimagine library space at the University of Saskatchewan. Find out more about Turning the Page.


Frequently asked questions

The University Library Master Plan is scheduled to be completed by January 2017. 

The focus of this project is on reimagining what a library should be to meet the needs of a wide variety of campus stakeholders; it is not about getting rid of books. As all libraries do, we regularly go through our collections to make sure we have the resources that are high demand to our users. For this project we are working on a multi-faceted approach to reviewing the collection:

  • We will place more materials into on-campus storage by increasing our capacity in our current storage location. Any material in storage can be requested by users and delivered to the library location of their choosing within a few days.  
  • We will withdraw some duplicate materials from the collection.
  • We are participating in a shared print archive network through the Council for Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL). Academic libraries in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia are working together to manage the challenge of balancing access to print materials with competing demands for library space. There are dozens of programs such as this around the world.  
  • Finally, we will be utilizing publicly accessible compact mobile shelving in order to densify the collection in public areas. 
Without a final University Library Master Plan, we cannot say yet what all the library space will look like—that feedback will come from you! However, the vision document for library spaces speaks to spaces such as visualization and simulation suites, experiential learning spaces, research commons, digitization suites, teaching spaces, spaces for students to de-stress and decompress. And yes, it speaks about individual, group, and community study and work spaces too. 

We want to hear from you

Please share your comments or thoughts about library spaces below or email us at libraryplanning@library.usask.ca