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Search the Saskatchewan News Index to find historical news stories published in Saskatchewan newspapers from 1884 to the 2004.

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What's included in the index?

From 1884 to 2000, a variety of organizations tackled indexing some of the province's newspapers.  Not all stories were indexed and the focus and emphasis changed from era to era. The specific details on what type of stories and papers are included is  described on the coverage and copyrights page.

How do I get copies of historical newspaper stories listed in the index?

Look up the newspaper and the publication in the library catalogue. We have newspapers on microfilm and microfilm readers/printers at the Murray Library.

If you are not able to visit the Murray Library, check with your public library.  Many public libraries have copies of some newspapers on microfilm or can request copies.

Is there an index to current newspapers from Saskatchewan?

Current full text stories from six Saskatchewan newspapers are available from the Canadian Newsstand.  This is a licensed database that can be used by University of Saskatchewan students, faculty and staff. Your public library might also have a subscription.

100 Full Text Saskatchewan News Stories from 1884 - 2000

Newspaper stories that reflect significant moments in Saskatchewan's history have been digitized and made available.

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Tell us what you think of the index?

We are interested in hearing from researchers, instructors and students who find the index useful in their work.


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