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Hours for August 23-September 2

Our schedule will be irregular over the next two weeks or so, until classes start.
*Drop-in tutoring is available on certaindays; check the schedule above for our hours of operation today. Regular Summer Hours (Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm) were over as of August 11.


Math/Stats Help staff can help you with a variety of mathematical or statistical topics but focus on first-year or introductory courses. Our service is primarily a drop-in service: students are welcome to drop in to work on homework and ask questions when needed. Our service is designed for current University of Saskatchewan students looking for help with U of S courses. We also offer workshops or review sessions on certain topics in mathematics. These are announced on this page and on PAWS.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide help with research-level statistics at this time. Please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for advice on research-level statistics. You may also find the Numeric Data research guide helpful.


Update on the Math Readiness Course: The Department of Mathematics & Statistics will be offering the Math Readiness Course (face-to-face version) this summer. Dates: August 15-26, 2016, Monday-Friday. If you're interested in participating, please join us 9am in Room 144 Murray Library.

Online Math Readiness Course: See below for directions on how to get access to the online Math Readiness course.

Math Readiness Course

The Math Readiness Course is a non-credit math review, for students who wish to refresh their high school math skills. The course consists of approximately 22 lessons on the following topic groups:

  • algebra
  • functions and graphs
  • geometry
  • trigonometry, and
  • exponential and logarithmic functions

The Math Readiness course is offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, with assistance from staff from the Student Learning Services.

Course Offerings

In past years, the Math Readiness Course has been offered both as a summer course, and an evening course during regular session in Term 1 (September-December) and Term 2 (January-April), provided a sufficient number of students register.

The Math Readiness Course will be offered in August 2016! Dates: August 15-26, Monday-Friday. If you're interested in participating, please come to room 144 in the Murray Library at the Saskatoon Campus of the University of Saskatchewan at 9am. Please note that we cover different topics every day.

Thursday August 18: exponents and introduction to functions | Friday August 19: modelling (problems), linear functions, quadratic functions

Topics for the week of August 22-26: TBA (includes logarithms and trigonometry)

Online Math Readiness

Online Math Readiness is a self-directed online resource containing course materials and interactive exercises. The online course is available now, however, some technical problems remain unresolved. The course notes, questions and answers are available as pdfs, but we haven't been able to make the online quizzes function properly, yet. Our apologies for that.

The online Math Readiness course is open to anyone with a University of Saskatchewan NSID. To access the course, visit the following link to the U of S Blackboard course management homepage  Enter your NSID and password. After you enter those, you should be taken to a listing of your courses. There should be a section for "Other organizations" or "Other courses". If you click on this section, you should be able to search for 'math' or 'readiness' and be able to find the online math readiness course. If you have trouble with this, please email holly.fraser "at" indicating you would like to register in the online Math Readiness course.

Credit course option

For those who are interested in taking a credit course that reviews concepts from high school math, please check PAWS for "Math 102." Currently, Math 102 is on the slate of offerings for Term 2 of Spring and Summer Session 2016 (i.e. June 23-August 11) and during Quarter 4 (July 19-August 11). As well, Math 102 will be offered during Term 1 of Regular Session 2016-17. Taking Math 102 for credit (and passing) may clear deficiencies in prerequisites for certain 100-level courses in mathematics. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at 306-966-6081 or by email at for more information. Please note that a credit course means that an official grade for the course will be issued on your transcript. We recommend that anyone considering taking Math 102 consult an academic advisor to determine how or if the course will align with your program requirements.

If you have written or will be writing the Math Placement test for your 100-level Mathematics course, you might be interested in trying out the online Sample Placement test, at the website of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Math Resources

You can view the Math and Stats Help Research Guide here:



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