Drop-in Tutoring Hours

Murray 142

Sat. May 28 - Sun. May 29No scheduled hours
Mon. May 30 - Thu. June 21:30 - 4:30 pm
Fri. June 3No scheduled hours

Spring and summer hours: Monday to Thursday from 1:30-4:30 from May 4-25*; May 30-June 17th; June 23-August 9*. *Closed May 23, July 1, and August 1.

Drop by Murray 142 for free writing help. No appointment is necessary. If our hours don't work for you, please submit your draft and/or question online.  You may receive drop-in help twice for any given assignment, and can use the service at any stage of the writing process.

SLS also offers writing workshops throughout the year covering topics such as essay-writing, punctuation, organization, thesis statements, and writing with clarity.

Tutors can help you to
  • clarify your goals 
  • improve your organization and writing style 
  • learn how to outline, draft, and revise your work
  • practice the conventions of writing in your discipline
  • notice patterns of error in your writing, which will help you to focus your editing and proofreading
  • understand the rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Tutoring complements but does not replace writing instruction in your courses, and tutors cannot edit, proofread, or ghostwrite your essay.

Note to Professors

To protect student confidentiality, and to encourage a positive and trusting relationship with students, we won't confirm whether a specific student has used the writing centre unless he or she gives us permission.

For large classes, we do not have the tutoring hours to help every student within a short period of time. Instead of requiring students to use writing centre services, please persuade or encourage them to seek help if they need it. We are also happy to arrange for a workshop for your students, either in class or in the library. If possible, we can give your students access to a recording of the workshop, and any past workshops.

Writing Centre Workshops

Writing workshops are scheduled from September through March. If you cannot attend one of our workshops, you can contact the writing help coordinator by emailing writinghelp@usask.ca for handouts and/or slides. 

We can also give you access to recordings of some past workshops, on topics such as writing in Indigenous studies, literature reviews, and editing and proofreading.

Online Tutoring

What is Online Writing Help?

Online Writing Help is an email-based tutoring system FREE to any student registered at the U of S, graduate or undergraduate.

How long will it take for a reply?

You will receive your tutor's comments within 24-48 hours of your submission, but you may have to wait longer during holidays, weekends, and at the end of term. If you need a quicker response, please visit us for drop-in tutoring on the first floor of the Main Library (Murray 142). If you have immediate writing questions, check our site for helpful links and videos.

What happens when I submit my work for online writing help?

Just as with in-peson tutoring, online tutoring assigns your written submission and/or questions to a tutor who helps by answering your specific questions, or by offering you some constructive advice on how to improve your work. 

What are the restrictions on this service?

You must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at the U of S. Writing Help complements but does not replace writing instruction in your courses. Tutors do not edit, proofread, or ghost-write essays. You may use online or drop-in Writing Help up to twice for any given assignment. Tutors will not discuss the details of consultations (drop-in or online) with your instructors nor will they evaluate your instructor's comments or grades on a marked assignment. Finally, Writing Help does not provide instruction in English as a Second Language. Please contact the Language Centre at 966-4351.

How do I submit an assignment or question to online Writing Help?

Once you have your assignment draft and/or questions ready to submit to a tutor, simply fill out our online submission form by clicking the button below.

Writing Resources

Do you need help getting started with your research paper? The Research Paper Planner will provide you with resources and helpful tips to guide you through the steps of the research and writing process.

You can view the Writing Help Research Guide here:


View these short video segments featuring U of S professors from various disciplines. The professors share their thoughts and advice on a range of writing topics.

View these video segments featuring U of S President Peter Stoicheff. Log in with your U of S NSID.  Professor Stoicheff discusses grammar, punctuation, and essay-writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

SLS Writing Help can be found on the first floor of the Murray Library (a.k.a. the main library). When you enter the library, choose the stairwell or the elevators, and go up one floor. At the top of the stairs, or upon exiting the elevator, turn right. You will see a big, busy area full of computers. In the corner of this area, next to the Math Help room, you will see Murray 142, Writing Help. Pop in to say "hello." Parents: children are welcome.

Yes! Hundreds of U of S graduate students receive help from us each year.  We offer workshops, online tutoring, and drop-in tutoring. If you're looking for an editor, please contact writinghelp@usask.ca.
SLS Writing Help is offered on drop-in basis only. You don't make an appointment; simply drop in to Murray 142. If in-person tutoring times are inconvenient, you can receive help through our online tutoring system (also free and confidential).

No! We are here to serve all U of S students, from any college. Many students coming for help are from colleges such as Arts and Science, Education, Commerce, Engineering, Agriculture, Grad Studies, and Nursing, but all students are welcome.

A tutor will sit with you at a desk, fill out a short form with you, and ask whether you brought an assignment question and/or draft. You do not have to bring an assignment question or draft to receive help, but if you do, the tutor will first respond to your specific questions and concerns, and then, if there is time left, he or she will read some of your draft to see what other comments can be made toward strengthening your work. If you don't bring a draft or assignment, the tutor can still answer your writing questions. For example, you might want to know about formatting in MLA documentation style, or you might need a clear explanation and examples of how to write a strong thesis statement. Maybe you have a quick grammar question. You're free to come in for a short or a full session. We are here to help you!

Come by Murray 142 to have a look through our small library of writing guides, sample papers, and reference books. We have guides for writers in most disciplines, and most of our books have copies for loan through the Murray Library. The sample papers not only help you to see and understand formatting and documentation styles across the disciplines, but also give you an idea of the tone, style, and rhetoric of a particular type of writing. You will need your student card if you want to borrow a book or paper. If you are looking for documentation guides, such as for MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, you can also get help from the Reference Desk in the library (also on the first floor).
You may want to try working with another different tutor. There are more than twenty tutors employed with SLS Writing Help, and each tutor has a different background. If you would like a recommendation based on your subject area, please email writinghelp@usask.ca or use the online service. If you would like to have your comments, questions, or concerns addressed, please contact the coordinator at writinghelp@usask.ca or 306-966-2771. It's important for us to get feedback on our services to students.
At certain points in a term (Oct./Nov. and Feb./March), the drop-in centre gets busy. After you sign in, you are welcome to wait in one of the comfortable chairs to keep your spot, but we recommend that you bring some reading or a laptop to keep you occupied while you wait. Laptops can be signed out at the Circulation Desk on the Ground Floor of the Library. Also, there is an library of writing guides and sample papers in our waiting area. If waiting is still inconvenient for you, please drop in at a quieter time (mornings and evenings), or submit your paper online. Of course, it is important to get your drafts done well ahead of time so that you have time for a tutoring session or two!

If a workshop is popular, we will likely run it again. Extra copies of the workshop handouts may be available. Sometimes the presenter's slides, or a recording of the workshop, can be forwarded via email.

Yes. You can register for the excellent non-credit STM course "Writing for Academic Success." It runs in terms one and two, and costs only $120. Relying on Writing Help tutors for ongoing grammar instruction is not practical, though, since different tutors approach the teaching of grammar and composition differently. We exist to serve the entire U of S student body, so too many visits by individual students takes tutoring time away from other students who are entitled to receive help. Search the USSU tutor registry or visit our Tutor Registry. The Writing Help Coordinator also has a list of editors and tutors for hire, but they are not employees of the ULC, and you will have to do your own investigating into payment and qualifications. If you'd like a copy of this list, email writinghelp@usask.ca.
Please email writinghelp@usask.ca to request a classroom visit. Visits take about ten minutes. The Writing Help coordinator or a tutor will explain how to use Writing Help services on campus and will answer your students' questions. We can also give custom workshops to groups of graduate students.

Other Ways to Access Writing Help

  • The Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC):  A Writing Centre tutor, John Bird, will be available at the Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre starting on Tuesday, January 12th. Hours for the term are Tuesdays from 9:30-12:30, and Wednesdays 1:30-4:30. Free and no appointment required. Just ask for John!
  • Hire a tutor for continuity of help, or specialized help.
  • Philosophy essay clinics (one-to-one with Lyndsay Helfrich) run September to early April, Mondays 2:30-4:00; Wednesdays 10:00-11:30; and Thursdays 2:30-4:00 p.m..  Online philosophy tutoring is available via SLS. Just specify that you'd like a philosophy tutor to look at your work.
  • Writing help in the humanities and social sciences is available for Residence students during regular session. Contact the Residence main office for hours and locations.
  • If you are registered with Disability Services for Students, inquire about funding options for editing and/or tutoring.
  • If English is not your first language, we can offer you some information about where to get more expert help: contact writinghelp@usask.ca, or go to the International Student and Study Abroad Centre in Lower Place Riel.
  • If you need an editor or proofreader, please contact liv.marken@usask.ca for a list of editors/proofreaders for hire. The editors and proofreaders are not Student Learning Services employees. They are private contractors and rates have to be negotiated with them individually. Student Learning Services can neither vouch nor take responsibility for work done by editors and proofreaders on this list.


Questions about writing help? 

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