What is a Peer Mentor?

A Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Peer Mentor is an academically strong undergraduate student who participates in developing and delivering learning support programs, taking a lead in an academic support community at the U of S. Some Peer Mentors act as coaches for course-specific study groups assigned to a select set of larger, traditionally difficult undergraduate courses, some provide support for study and learning skills by leading small-group workshops, and others work with specialized projects or programs in the SLS and other units on campus. A philosophy underlying all PAL programs is to provide positive, safe, and comfortable learning environments that encourage and support students in their academic pursuits.

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Staff Coordinators

Elana Geller Peer Assisted Learning and Grad Help (306) 966-2646 elana.geller@usask.ca
Gina Kohen Study Skills (306) 966-2738 gina.koehn@usask.ca
Holly Fraser Structured Study Sessions (306) 966-2742 holly.fraser@usask.ca
Liv Marken Writing Help (306) 966-2771 liv.marken@usask.ca
Joel Fonstad Learning Communities (306) 966-8057 joel.fonstad@usask.ca
Erin Holcomb Communications (306) 966-8056 erin.holcomb@usask.ca
Donna van de Velde PAL Program Support (306) 966-2886 donna.vandevelde@usask.ca
Jerrod Dietrich Tech Help (306) 966-4825 jerrod.dietrich@usask.ca
Darlene Fichter Library Skills (306) 966-7209 darlene.fichter@usask.ca
Eva Wong Library Skills (306) 966-5988 eva.wong@usask.ca
Kara Loy Undergraduate Research (306) 966-7127 kara.loy@usask.ca