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Declassified CIA Documents on the Vietnam War
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We hereby acknowledge the permissions granted by the Gale Group to include in this Database the abstracts provided in the Declassified Documents Reference System CD-ROM and by the Texas Tech University\'s Virtual Vietnam Archive to provide the links for fulltext documents.

4 documents contain the indexing term NGUYEN THANH SANG
ID Document
  00104   Identification of the "Young Turks" group of military commanders and their views concerning General Nguyen Khanh and other matters (October 2, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; SECRET; SANITIZED
Declassified: July 27, 1976
  00212   Loyalties of the Armed Forces commanders and the possibility of success if a coup d'etat is attempted : situation appraisal as of 31 August 1964 (September 1, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
  00237   Reactions of Tran Quoc Buu, Catholic priests and Ton That Xung to coup attempt of General Lam Van Phat (September 13, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: November 12, 1976
  00972   Situation in South Vietnam (September 29, 1965)
Weekly report; SECRET; SANITIZED
Declassified: August 24, 1993