W.O. Mitchell
Toronto: Macmillan, 1947

Mitchell states in his preface that Who Has Seen the Wind is the "struggle of a boy to ... understand the ultimate meaning of the cycle of life". The story is set in Crocus, Saskatchewan, a place that Mitchell says contains the "least common denominator of nature...land and sky". Although it received mixed reviews when it was published, Who Has Seen the Wind continues to attract scholars, journalists and movie-makers to its vast and complex themes.


Sarah Binks.
Paul Hiebert
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1947

The life and works of the "Sweet Songstress of Saskatchewan" were first memorialized by Paul Hiebert in 1947. Ms. Binks, who died tragically of mercury poisoning from a horse thermometer at age twenty-three, has been the subject of songs, plays and other imaginative works.


A Sarah Binks Songbook

Texts by Paul G. Hiebert
Music by John Greer

Helen Pridmore, Soprano
Judith Kehler Siebert, Piano

United States premiere,
recorded in Rochester, New York, February 20th, 1995

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