Documenting Saskatchewan

1998 WEB'WARDS WINNER! From the time it was founded in 1907 the University of Saskatchewan has had a mandate to take information to the people of the province. In the early part of the century the farm train and homemakers clubs were the vehicles used to deliver information to Saskatchewan citizens. Today, the University Libraries have become a provincial resource available to people who visit us in person, through their local libraries, and through the Internet.

DOCUMENTING SASKATCHEWAN is the University of Saskatchewan Libraries' contribution to the University's 90th anniversary celebrations. The exhibition includes books, pamphlets, manuscripts, postcards, photographs, musical recordings and works of art. It is intended to remind us of significant events in the history of Saskatchewan and the remarkable achievements of the University of Saskatchewan's faculty and staff through its first ninety years.

The 90 plus items in the exhibition are intended to highlight the special strengths of the Libraries' collections and represent most of the years since the University's founding. Famous documents such as the Regina Manifesto are included along with items that tell other stories which are perhaps as important but less well known.

We welcome your comments. Enjoy the show.

Linda Fritz, Project Supervisor
Webmasters: Darryl Friesen and Peter Scott