Picture of  Kevin Pee-Ace

Kevin Pee-Ace

Kevin was born in Kelvington Saskatchewan and is a member of the Yellowquill First Nation. He completed a fine arts studio diploma program from UCFV Abbotsford in British Columbia and has taken classes in art history, archaeology, anthropology and native studies at the University of Saskatchewan. His uncle, Saskatchewan artist Jerry Whitehead was an early inspiration to Kevin, and helped him begin his artistic career. His art frequently depicts maternal and floral motifs, and emphasizes the importance of family, tradition and respect for aboriginal culture and heritage. Kevin has worked on collaborative mural projects with various schools throughout Saskatchewan1and2.

The pieces "Tipis and the Trees" and "The Tree, Mother and Child" are located on the Ground Floor Murray Library The piece "Our Ancestors are Teachers" is located in the Education and Music Library

Murray Library