1. What topics did you most enjoy?

Internet coding standards; cataloguing the web; database to web development tools
Roy Tennant's Whitewater Wisdom

Information Architecture - Louis Rosenfeld

Tim Bray's talk
Practical applications of technology in libraries today.
I enjoyed all the sessions I attended and got a lot out of them. The schedule was full and I felt quite exhausted by the end of the conference, but it was well worth it. As an administrator I was not as technically "with-it" as the presenters, but for the most part I appreciated being able to understand what was talked about. Thank you.
Information Architecture, Internet Coding Standards...
All assessments or presentations on development/implementations of Web standards and their related applications. Really good complementarity between presentations. All presentations were highly useful or interesting. Congratulations on a super conference program and roster of speakers (from the scheduled speakers, to the various conference chairpeople).
More technical presentations: java, Z39.50, digital libraries.
Use of Internet Search Engines.
(I think I ranked them above - high ratings to good speakers on things I found interesting; low ratings to speakers, of whatever quality, whose topics I found less vital).


Tim Bray and XML; Slavko and Z39.50 (as always!); Clifford Lynch; Terry Noreault and OCLC's plans; Louis Rosenfeld.

Most directly useful sessions: Web to Database Development Tools; Practical Digital Library Tools & Techniques; Authentication.

State of the art presentations - e.g. Z39.50, java, thin clients, etc. Assumes we know the basics - lets us know where things have progressed recently.

Information Architecture was very good, both in its content and in what it said regarding roles for librarians.

Information Architecture
Authentication and security
Library showcase
State of the internet
Databases vendor panel
Privacy, censorship and the law
Management and financial issues.
The network computers and internet coding sessions were excellent. I also enjoyed the Intranet / database-to-Web stuff.
Clifford Lynch's state of the internet address, OCLC's description of their Mantis project, comparison of web browsers, Information architecture for the web
Tim Bray's presentation was excellent. Actually, the presentations were all quite good -- I just rated them within that scale as a way to indicate the ones which stood out from the crowd for me.
Internet Coding Standards
Clifford Lynch's talks are always informative and enjoyable
Internet Coding Standards
Information Architecture
Search Engines
Internet coding standards (Tim Bray) Z39.50
Information Architecture, Roy's section on practical applications
Keynote & networking sessions & web authentication the leading edge information, internet coding.
Almost all either, provided an overview of the "state of the world" or gave me ideas for immediate application. Only a couple (eg. Java talk) were too specific and too remote for my situation.
Roy Tennant's keynote
Clifford Lynch's State of the Internet
Coding standards, Search engines, Keynote speaker.
Keynote speakers. Information architecture. Digital libraries.
Intranets at USask, authentication, consort. licensing
Internet coding standards for XML. Information architecture, Keynote and Feature presentation
Keynote, Feature presentation.
Digital libraries, web topics.
Web search engines.
Keynote speaker.
Keynote, Digital libraries, Web search engines, Browsers & Editors, Planning for sustainable desktop computing.
Search engines.
Privacy, censorship and law.
Search engines

The sessions providing a mix of philosophy and practical applications, plus the opportunity to see where we're going.
Rich Wiggins!!!
Information Architecture, Roy Tennant.
Search engines, Security, Browsers & Editors, Organizing web info.
Keynote speaker was exceptional.
Browsers & editors, Internet coding standards.
Java/Standards/coding/authentication/Info. arch.
Database Vendor Panel, Keynote Speaker, Internet Coding Standards, Information Architecture for the WWW, State of the Internet, Search Engines Panel
Information Architecture session was excellent as was Internet Coding Standards session - they were my favorites!
Search engines, database vendors, information architecture.
1) Role of libraries & librarians in organizing the web.
2) Tim Bray
Keynote speech, State of the Internet, Authentication & Security, Web Search Engines.
Coding standards, State of the Internet.
Information Architecture, Whitewater Wisdom, State of the Internet, Integrated Systems Panel.
Too much to name!
Browsers & Editors, Internet Coding Standards, Information Architecture for WWW.
Presentation about NC's.
Sustainable Desktop Computing, Browsers & Editors, Digitization Tools & Techniques, Search Engines.
Wiggins! and Ward.