2. What topics were missed?

I would have liked a session focused on methods for new models for delivering reference services in an online environment.
Full text, resource sharing.
Please discuss the role of MLIS curriculum in helping librarians to deal with the information explosion. Is enough being done in the Library Schools? Do we require a more technical/computer education for MLIS students?
The conference as it was was packed with content: kudos to the planners.
Technical descriptions of what "we're" doing.
Year 2000 planning.
Issues on long-term archiving of e-journals, usability testing (in libraries) for online applications, strategies for implementing and managing online course reserves.
Electronic claiming.
Electronic transfer of info such as ordering and invoicing with vendors.
EDIFACT standard

Automation for a small special library that wants to be able to participate in union catalogues and therefore have appropriate level of standardization.
Strategies for keeping current (when there's no time to read).
Advice on wresting $ from funding agencies.
Y2K - scanning end of practical digital library tools.
Searching for non-print web resources.
Library solution/support to distance education programs.
Electronic reserves issues (technical & practical eg. copyright).
Distance education.
Scanning different formats (maps, microfilm, etc.)
Practical advice to deal with "poor" environments, i.e. PC's not available for all - I realize that this is not the point of the Conference but it is frustrating.
I wish I could have looked at vendor displays - opportunity to test drive their products - maybe one evening.
Online cataloging vendors or users - where were they?
Even CD ROM products for cataloging like Bibliofile & LaserQ were missing!
Something practical.
Y2K - hardware/software : Library perspective.
Configuring PC's for access & security ed. Kiosk version.
What ways to make best use & searching of the Internet, Web links, etc. for smaller-scale/school libraries to best serve the users, based on libraries with smaller limited budgets.
Not enough "e-publishing" for me.
More info on U of S SiteSearch / Newspaper D.B.