3. Do you have suggestions for Access 99?

Make it as good as Access '98!
Better food at the coffees/breakfasts/lunches!! ;-)
Successful applications of technology & how they were implemented.
Make sure your hotel isn't in the midst of changing SYSTEMS!
Keep the technical level high, perhaps higher than this year.
We can get the general stuff at CLA/ALA and other more general conferences.
Prefer demos to powerpoint. And fashion tips can come in handy.
Please ensure that there is a student rate for Access '99. The issues presented are of interest to the future of librarianship, and thus should be promoted among the Library School Student Associations.
No - this is one of the best techie conferences I've encountered. More of the same!
- organization of systems offices in libraries; different models, methods of approach eg: centralized vs de-centralized; - ways and means of generating enthusiasm for projects in the face of resistance to change (how do you get them involved in the project without getting the project completely stalled?)
- you might consider putting together a "birds of a feather" approach to lunch (chat groups on different problems)
Bring in some Associate VP's and Directors. Let's here their concerns and solutions
Keep up the great work. Keep the technical level of the presentations high.
Year 2000 planning
Possible Speakers: Dr. Jakob Nielsen (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/), William Horton (author, Designing and Writing Online Documentation, ISBN 0-471-30635-5)

Electronic records eg: long term preservation & access of records created in electronic form
I have noticed over the past three years, a certain level of dumbing down the technological topics. While I fall into the group that is less technologically inclined I've enjoyed being pushed by hearing about the "new" technology. That did not happen enough this year. I would instruct the organizing committee for 1999 to return to Access' technological roots. Sessions showing and explaining how libraries are using the technology are more valuable to me than hearing general overviews. The organization of Access '98 was excellent I just think some of the presenters moved too much toward the lowest common denominator.
EDI generally
Add copyright of electronic resources
Dicynebt/article retrieval for small libraries. Compare and contrast various services eg: AIC, OVID, SilverPlatter
Drop ILS vendor panel. It is too hard to get real information out of them. Allow time for introductions and house cleaning. So you aren't late from the start.
Use the organization of this Conference as a model!
More presentations dealing with practical solutions to problems facing libraries. Applying Internet technologies.
Univ. of Western Ontario experience with deploying NC computers
Y2K - scanning end of practical digital library tools.
Choose topics that aren't well covered in other sources (eg. print, web)
Focus on future-innovations
More innovation and ideas - less history.
Glad that you're able to hold the next meeting on weekdays!
Please provide a spot for people with laptops to plug in the machines without dangling cords across the floor!
Electronic reference services
If start by 8:30, end by 4:30. Can go till 5:00, if start later.
Cancel Conference Summary
* a glossary of acronyms * to be included in the package, "published" daily, etc.
Have only librarians speak - All examples used by speakers should be library examples.
Provide "blind site" access to email so delegates can send messages without using their own email accounts and worrying about server addresses and firewalls or provide a valid short-lived email account for "each" delegate for them to use for the duration of the conference!
Something practical.
Presentation on "Y2K compatibility and library systems": "it's too late already; so "what now?"
The database vendor panel needed twice as much time to give more info and to allow for questions.
Research projects at U of T or Western.
Better advertising as to content so that the conference will be most useful to attendants who can't be sure of quality content by searching Access '98 site.
Good speakers, Bray, Lynch, Rhind-Tutt.
Y2K implications - are there any?
Plagiariam, evaluating issues from instructors' point of view - how are students' uses of internet resources affecting quality & nature of papers, classroom participation etc.
Performance bafflenecks (web server, email...)
Actual vendor product demos.