What is ACCESS '98?
ACCESS '98 is a conference for individuals managing or working with information technology in libraries.

Originating in Winnipeg in 1993, the ACCESS Conferences have earned a reputation for their consistently high quality programs.

Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of CNI, has been a frequent speaker at the ACCESS Conferences and is always pleased to return. Cliff has indicated that he will be attending most of Access '98.

Terry Noreault, Director of Research and Special Projects for OCLC, another distinguished contributor, says that ACCESS is one event that he can be confident will be worthwhile to attend from start to finish.

The ACCESS Conferences are also noted for their friendly, intimate atmosphere. Being relatively small events (150-200 participants), one of the most valuable aspects of the ACCESS Conferences is the opportunity for "networking" over coffee and lunch with other IT professionals, speakers, and service providers.

Access '98 is one of the Library World's best kept secrets.

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

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