Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

This is a list of faculty members who were elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada during their tenure at the University of Saskatchewan.

For information about current Fellows affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, please see the lists maintained by the Office of Vice-President (Research) and the Royal Society of Canada.

In many cases more information about these individuals will be available from the University Archives (in faculty biography files and other sources).

The list is not guaranteed to be complete, so we would also be pleased to investigate any potential errors or omissions - please contact us.

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Year elected Name U of S affiliation (when elected)
1943 Lawrence Eldred Kirk Agriculture
1979 R. Keith Downey Agriculture (adjunct)
1974 John Milton Bell Animal and Poultry Science
2014 Ajay K. Dalai Biological Engineering
1921 Walter Palmer Thompson Biology
1944 Donald Strathearn Rawson Biology
1956 Jacob G. Rempel Biology
1962 Michael Shaw Biology
1965 Thomas C. Vanterpool Biology
1971 Taylor A. Steeves Biology
1972 James M. Naylor Biology
2009 Larry C. Fowke Biology
2016 Graham George Canadian Light Source
1926 Thorbergur Thorvaldson Chemistry
1933 Steward Basterfield Chemistry
1943 John William Tranter Spinks Chemistry
1954 Kenneth J. McCallum Chemistry
1963 Allan B. Van Cleave Chemistry
1950 George Edwin Britnell Economics and Political Science
1951 Mabel F. Timlin Economics and Political Science
1954 Vernon Clifford Fowke Economics and Political Science
1962 Norman McQueen Ward Economics and Political Science
2013 Marie Battiste Education
2008 Safa Kasap Electrical and Computer Engineering
1980 Roy Billinton Engineering
1995 Peter N. Nikiforuk Engineering
2007 Len M. Findlay English
2005 Guy Clarence Vanderhaeghe English (St. Thomas More College)
1992 Robert Kerrich Geological Sciences
1995 William A.S. Sarjeant Geological Sciences
1933 James Buckland Mawdsley Geology
1950 Frederic Harrison Edmunds Geology
1955 Alfred Roddick Byers Geology
1963 Walter O. Kupsch Geology
1979 William Glen Elliot Caldwell Geology
1933 Arthur Silver Morton History
1955 George W. Simpson History
1957 Hilda Neatby History
1998 James R. Miller History
2005 Janice MacKinnon History
2007 William A. Waiser History
2015 Ken Coates Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
1988 Curt Wittlin Languages and Linguistics
2001 Allan E. Blakeney Law (Visiting Scholar)
1928 Lloyd Dines Mathematics
1952 Peter Scherk Mathematics
1980 Robert Moody Mathematics
2014 James Waldram Medical Anthropology
1993 Alan Boulton Medicine
2010 James A. Dosman Medicine
2016 Jo-Anne Dillon Microbiology and Immunology (Medicine)
2013 Sajek Henderson Native Law Centre
1932 Ertle Leslie Harrington Physics
1934 Thomas Alty Physics
1939 Gerhard Herzberg Physics
1947 Balfour Watson Currie Physics
1951 Harold E. Johns Physics
1952 Leon Katz Physics
1954 Robert Newman Hoyles Haslam Physics
2000 Akira Hirose Physics
2008 John S. Tse Physics
1994 Edward J. Llewellyn Physics/Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies
1952 Louis B. Jaques Physiology
1935 R. MacGregor Dawson Political Science
1981 David Edward Smith Political Studies
1921 Edmund Henry Oliver Presbyterian Theological College (St. Andrew's College)
1918 Walter Charles Murray President
1942 James Sutherland Thomson President
2015 Jeffrey McDonnell School of Environment and Sustainability
1964 Constantine Henry Andrusyshen Slavic Studies
2009 Peter S. Li Sociology
1999 Lorne Babiuk Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization
2010 John Giesy Veterinary Medicine
1926 Seymour Hadwen Veterinary Science