Honorary Degrees

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Honorary Degree Recipient, E.E. Eisenhauer, 1957 (Photograph Collection, A-1708)
Name: Erie Eli Eisenhauer, B.S.A.
Convocation date: May 10, 1957
Discipline / contribution: public service
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor: I have claimed the privilege of presenting Erie Eisenhauer because I am the only member of the staff remaining on active duty who taught him more than forty years ago when he was a freshman of unusual promise, arid I have followed his subsequent career with a teacher’s interest and pride.
On this campus the best citation of Mr. Eisenhauer’s achievements would be ‘Look around you’. He was Deputy-Minister of Public Works during most of the period since the last war when so many of our buildings were erected, and he put his whole heart into providing beautiful and well-planned buildings for his alma mater. Many other new public buildings throughout the province were his responsibility.
Through his studies in agriculture here, and subsequently in engineering at Colorado College, he became an expert in irrigation. He worked in that capacity in Alberta, in time becoming Superintendent of the Northern Irrigation District. He also served for a period as instructor in the Alberta Schools of Agriculture. He returned to this province in 1936 as irrigation specialist and secretary of the Land Utilization Board, eventually becoming Deputy Minister of Reconstruction and then of Public Works.
He is a good example of one important function of the University, namely, training the able and devoted group of men in the upper levels of public service, men whose ‘passion for anonymity’ prevents them from receiving the recognition which their great service to the public merits. In addition to carrying on ably the duties of hi responsible posts he has at all times been a leader in worthwhile community enterprises too numerous even to mention.
For these and other reasons, Eminent Chancellor, I ask you on behalf of the Senate, to confer on Erie Eli Eisenhauer the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: W.P. Thompson, President

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