Honorary Degrees

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Presentation of an Honorary Degree to Vivian Morton, 1962 (Photograph Collection, A-8631)
Name: Vivian Williams Morton, B.A.
Convocation date: May 11, 1962
Discipline / contribution: arts and culture
Citation / biographical information:
This morning Mrs. Morton is graduating for the second time from the University of Saskatchewan. She took her first degree (in Arts), in 1917, and she has not ceased to be, in a very real sense, a member of her University. She has been President of the Alumni Association9 and her relations with women graduates have extended throughout Canada and beyond. She has recently completed a three year term as president of our national association of university women graduates, the Canadian Federation of University Women
“But today, we are honouring in Mrs. Morton, not only a nationally known and respected figure, but a person who, very soon after her graduation, began to be an active force in the cultural development of her city and of her provinces and whose collaboration in that development has continued, In an astonishing variety of fields, over a period of more than forty years., As president of the Women’s Musical Club, Mrs. Morton inaugurated the Morning Musicals which are now a solid tradition in the musical life of Saskatoon, She has been President of the Art Centre, and for several years director of its programme of lectures and exhibitions.. She initiated the movement to establish a women’s group of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs in Saskatoon. In each of these organisms, and in others, Mrs. Morton’s imaginative leadership lighted a spark of life or fanned a flame to greater brightness. But I suspect that the creation in which she takes greatest satisfaction is the Saskatoon Arts and Crafts Society, which she founded in collaboration with Mrs. Murray, which she guided during its short life, and to which she devoted varied talents, much work, and a deep affection. The Arts and Crafts Society died young, a war casualty, but it had one of the charms of youth. It never became institutionalized, but continued to be an association of individual persons of which Mrs. Morton was the heart. Its members and its workers were a team. Together they cut and laid a stone which endures in the fabric of a culture now in the building. After the war and after the establishment of the Saskatchewan Arts Council, Mrs. Morton became chairman of its Handicrafts Committee, and organizer of its handicraft festivals and conferences. She relinquished that office some months ago, after serving for fourteen years, and I believe that her role in the various groups over which she has presided is now that of active private member and sympathetic unofficial consultant
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: Margaret Cameron, Professor of French

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