Honorary Degrees

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Presentation of an Honorary Degree to Whiting, C.H., May 14, 1963 (Photograph Collection A-4339)
Name: Clifford Henry Whiting, BSA
Convocation date: May 15, 1963
Discipline / contribution: community service
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Vice-Chancellor: I present to you CLIFFORD HENRY WHITING. Cliff Whiting was born in a log house in the Melfort district of English and Irish parents. Two of his outstanding characteristics, a strong sense of fair play and an ability to persuade others to his way of thinking, may have resulted from that parentage. His formal schooling was obtained in a rural school, in Melfort High School, and in the School of Agriculture of this University. A gracious wife, a son, two daughters and three grandchildren have added to his contentment. Except for two years when he was employed in the farm implement business in Melfort, his whole life has been spent on the farm that was his father’s and is now his. Here his energy, wisdom, and his father’s perspicacity in choosing the Melfort district for his farming operations, have brought him success as a farmer and as a breeder of fine livestock. It is not primarily for these achievements, solid though they be, that he stands before you today, but rather for the achievements of those hours, days and weeks spent away from that farm in the service of his community, in the pursuit of tenaciously—held ideals of social and economic justice, in the service of the people of this Province and of this University. This list of these activities covers almost every aspect of living: member of the Board of Trustees of his own school for 22 years; 10 years as a Councillor of the Rural Municipality of Flett’s Springs; President of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Society Association; Director and Chairman of the Board of Livestock and Oil Co-operatives; Wheat Pool delegate for 17 years; 5 years as a 4-H Club leader; an elder in his church and a teacher in Sunday School; a member of the Provincial Council of the C.C.F.; a member on two occasions of the Ottawa Farm delegation; a member of the Saskatchewan Jubilee Committee; a member of the Advisory Committee on Medical Care.
My personal knowledge of Cliff Whiting dates from 1946 when he was first appointed to the Board of Governors of this University. He was a member of the Board for 12 years, acting at various times as Chairman of the Agricultural Committee and of the Building Committee, and for 5 years as Chairman of the Board. This University has been singularly fortunate in the number of able and devoted men who have given unstintingly of their time and talents for its advancement -- by none has it been better served than by Clifford Whiting.
Eminent Vice-Chancellor, in the name of the Faculty and the Senate, I present this man, and ask that you confer on him, for his great services to his community, his Province and this University, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: AC McEown, VP Administration

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