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A.G. Morice (Graduation Yearbook, 1912)
Name: The Reverend Adrian Gabriel Morice
Convocation date: May 12, 1933
Discipline / contribution: anthropology ; history; linguistics - Indigenous
Citation / biographical information:
Mr. Chancellor, Members of Senate, Gentlemen:
The joint committee appointed by the Senate and. the Council have unanimously agreed to recommend Rev. Adrian Gabriel Morice for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, in recognition of his eminent contributions to Anthropology and History, more particularly to Indian Linguistics.
In 1932 Father Morice published two large volumes on the grammar and dictionary of the Language of the Carrier Indians. This marks the conclusion of over fifty years of study of the manner, customs and languages of the Indians of the North West, and particularly of British Columbia.
Father Morice received the degree of Master of Arts from this University in 1912 and gave a course of lectures for three years on the Indians of the North-West. The following from Morgan's "Canadian Men and Women of the Time," published in 1912 gives an account of the life and work of Father Morice up to thatyear:-
Morice, Rev. Adrian Gabriel (R.C.) historian.
B. St. Mars-sur-Colment, France, Aug. 27, 1859; e. Oisseau and the Ecclesiastical Coll. Mayeene, do joined the Order of the Oblates, and making his final vows there, l879, was sent to B.C., l880; o., 1882; was given charge of the Chilcotin Indians (whose language he learned) and in 1885, of the Stuart Lake Mission, having charge of the Carrier Indians; invented the Dene Syllabary, which soon spread among the Northern Indians of B.C. 1885; printed many books in the new syllables; also a monthly mag., which tended to its wider circulation; has published: "Au Pays de l'Ours Noir" (1897); "The History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia" (1904); "Aux Sources de 1'Histoire Manitobaine" (1907); "Dictionnaire historiques des Canadiens et des Metis Francais de l'Ouest" (1908); "History of the Catholic Church in Western Canada" (2 vols. 1909) and "The Great Dene Race" (2 vols.1910); was a del. to the Intern. Congress of Americanists, Quebec 1906; has been honoured by election to membership in the Am. Phil. Doc. Paris, the Am. Anthropol. Assn., the Geograph. Soc. Neufchatel, the Can. Inst. and many other local bodies; was awarded a silver med. by the Geog. Soc. Neufchatel.-St. Mary's Church, Winnipeg.
"An eminent philologist and scholar, the result of whose researches give him an honoured place in every land." - The late Geo. Murray.
"Has done signal service to the cause of his church and made some highly valuable contributions to Can. Historical literature." - D.G.French.
Since then Father Morice has been living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba engaged in writing and publishing Historical and Anthropological studies.
[Senate minutes, 11 May 1933]
Degree received: Doctor of Laws

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