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Presentation of an Honorary Degree to Cameron, M., May 25, 1967 (Photograph Collection, A-4551)
Name: Margaret Cameron, B.A., M.A., D de l'Univ.
Convocation date: May 25, 1967
Discipline / contribution: teaching
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor: I present to you Dr. Margaret Cameron, former professor and head of the Department of French at this university.
A native of Nova Scotia, Dr. Cameron received her early education in Sydney. She graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in 1916, obtained a Master’s degree from Radcliffe the following year, and later completed a doctorate at the University of Paris. She joined the faculty of the University of Saskatchewan as an assistant professor of French in 1924 and for twenty-one of her thirty-nine years in the service of the university was head of her department.
Throughout her career Dr. Cameron was the dedicated teacher. Convinced of the importance of language and literature as elements of human life and experience, she devoted herself with unparalleled vigor and perseverance to the task of
communicating her own profound conviction to her students. Her standards of performance were high, but in insisting that they be met, she gave unstintingly of herself, and the eloquent tributes which she received from former students on the occasion of her retirement are only one of many evidences of the contribution she made through her teaching.
As one of the first women in Canada to head a department not devoted exclusively to so-called women’s work, Dr. Cameron displayed a tact and good judgment that have earned her the lasting gratitude of women in academic circles. Her staff remembers her with feelings of respect and admiration for her competence, her sense of justice, her complete integrity, and colleagues in other departments and faculties will vouch for the vital impact that she made on the collective life of the university.
Her record of service includes offices held in a number of organizations such as the Saskatoon women’s division of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the local branch of the Humanities Association, the University Faculty Club, the Canadian Federation of University Women, the Canadian Association of University Teachers of French. And not content to rest on her laurels, Dr. Cameron has, in the four years that have elapsed since her retirement, translated three volumes of Gustave Lanctot’s historical work and is now embarked on the English version of Guy Fregault’s La Guerre de la Conquete.
In Dr. Cameron the University of Saskatchewan is honoring not only a faithful servant but a distinguished personality and a gracious lady, who is remembered by her students and colleagues for her wide interests, her ready wit, her highly developed social sense, and her rich fund of human kindness.
Eminent Chancellor, I present to you Dr. Margaret Cameron and ask that you confer on her the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: Bernadine Bujila, professor of French

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