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Convocation Address - L.H. Shebeski, 1976 (Photograph Collection, A-5030)
Name: Leonard Hylary Shebeski, B.S.A., M.Sc., PhD, F.R.S.C., D.Sc.
Convocation date: May 20, 1976
Discipline / contribution: Plant science
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor, on behalf of the Council and Senate, I present to you Dr. Leonard Hylary Shebeski.
Leonard Shebeski was born in Manitoba where he obtained his academic training to the Master of Science level. He took his Ph.D. training in plant science at the University of Minnesota.
Dr. Shebeski was a faculty member of the University of Saskatchewan from 1947 to 1953. He was then appointed as Professor and Head of the Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba. Since 1965 he has been the Dean of the Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture.
Dr. Shebeski has made major contributions to science and agricultural development through his research on cereal grain breeding and new variety development. His research on hybrid wheat and the successful development of the first man-made crop species TRITICALE - a cross between wheat and rye - have attracted the attention of plant scientists in many parts of the world.
Dr. Shebeski has served as a scientist in the USSR, Poland, Kenya, Thailand, East Germany, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria and Rome - an outstanding record of contribution to world well-being and development.
Dr. Shebeski has served as a member of the Science Council of Canada, the National Research Council, the Canadian Agricultural Research Council and the Agricultural Institute of Canada.
Since completing his B.S.A. degree in 1941, Dr. Shebeski has received 10 major honors and awards, including two honorary D.Sc. degrees - one from the Agricultural University of Warsaw, Poland and one from Queen's University in Ontario.
Two other major contributions of Dr. Shebeski have been in the areas of teaching and administration.
Eminent Chancellor, I present to you Leonard Hylary Shebeski and ask that you will confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: J.A. Brown

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